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What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Home

After the impact of a bad storm, it can almost feel like your life has completely done a 180. Where do you go from here? When dealing with storm damage, it is important to watch your surroundings. The aftermath of a storm can cause injuries if not being cautious. When trying to leave the area, be mindful of broken glass, exposed nails, and screws.

Check Outdoor Structures

If you have a shed, dethatched garage, fencing or all the above, take some time to carefully inspect them. Check up on your shed and garage sooner than later to help prevent damages to the products inside.

Inspect Your Home Appliances

As soon as the storm passes, make sure to check your home appliances and systems. Your washer, dryer, dishwasher, and refrigerator could suffer damaged due to hazards such as water leaks and power surges.

Check the Attic and Basement

Your home's attic and basement are the perfect spots for mold growth, rot, and water damaged. If water leaks into your home after a storm, it can weaken your walls, structural damaged, or both. It's encouraged to examine these spaces regularly, but especially after a wild storm.

Inspect Your Home

After the storm passes through, it's crucial to look around the home to see if there is any damage. There are many things to look at when inspecting your home for damage such as lost shingles, damaged exterior siding, and broken windows. It is highly encouraged to take photos of the damage and having everything recorded when filing a claim to insurance.

Fix What You Can

Without getting yourself hurt, it would be best to clean up the damages from the storm. If windows are damaged, board them up and make sure there are no holes in the boards. If your roof has roof leaks and it isn't fixed properly there can be potential mold or unwanted moisture in the household. If there is any type of damage to your roof or home, please contact us at 404-610-9100.

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